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Video Poker

The video poker is a composition of card game of poker and a slot machine. It is evident that video poker could not appear earlier than computer chips. Indeed, this game came into existence at 1970s and surpassed all existing slot machines in popularity at once.

Video poker has an attractive player edge. It depends on a kind of video poker and varies from about -1% up to +0.7%! In addition, video poker gives an opportunity of large wins that other games do not have.

The cost of these inviting advantages of video poker is a hard perfect strategy. You have to keep in mind tens rules of playing hands and follow them during gambling correctly. Otherwise, you will never achieve the level of profit.

Compare video poker online casinos or learn more about video poker at online casino sites like onlinecasinosuite.com. They review online video poker in such detail that you won't need to go anywhere else after reading through and digisting it all.

Video poker rules
Basic poker hands
Calculation of the video poker strategy
Jacks or better
Deuces Wild and video poker forms with wild deuces
Joker Wild and video poker forms with joker
Jacks or better (99.9%) basic strategy

In addition, the following software products are recommended:

Video Poker Calculator is video poker odds calculator
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