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Disappointments were expressed toward Germany by the most powerful trading body in world’s online casino and gambling industry. The Remote Gambling Association, or rather the RGA, has many members that are companies operating online casinos and other Internet gambling services based in the United Kingdom. This collection of companies is dissatisfied with the lack of development in the regulation of the gambling market in Germany. As of this time, only one state has met the compatibility standards set by the European Union, and that is the Schleswig-Holstein German state. The latest proposals from the other German states were frowned upon by RGA since they do not meet the expectations the trading body uses to ensure competitive standards in the German market for the private operators as well as consumers.

When the Minister President of the Landers in Germany issued a statement urging the RGA to adopt the proposed treaty, the RGA responded with a statement noting that the treaty has nothing in the contents that shows it can regulate online casinos and gambling in Germany. The RGA has reservations about the intentions of the 15 landers and urges them to answer the issues involving limited issuance of licenses to operate, the uncompetitive tax regime and the exclusions of online casino and poker game operations.

The German treaty is unlike the other jurisdictions, such as Denmark and Spain, which has a system that can not only regulate all types of online casino and gambling services, but also has a more viable taxation model. While the state of Schleswig-Holstein submitted its own gambling laws that are favorable to the RGA standards, the treaty of the 15 landers shows a foul to the EU’s current efforts for a more cohesive gambling market.

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