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During its temporary management statement, PERFORM Plc. announced the company’s highly successful performance during the third quarter of this year. The distributor of online casinos and sports contents has experienced a growth in company revenue, with an increase of 55 percent. PERFORM saw several other highlights in the performance report. First, the 55 percent revenue increase is for all the areas of business, which is £27.4 million; this is in comparison to last year’s result for the same period. Comparing the growth from one quarter to another, the third has 17 percent increase, an indication of continuing interests at online casino and sports contents.

As to its contract, for the whole of 2011, the company received revenues of £98 million, while for its 2012, it received £78 million in revenues, some coming from operators of online casinos. For its Watch&Bet, the number of licensees has increase to 34, many of them are strong online casino companies. For its ePlayer service that has recently been improved, sales have increased by19 percent. For the total viewed streams for the third quarter alone, Perform noted 985 million users, while the monthly average users come in at 86 million. When it went to Japan and launched its ePlayer, the number of territories already totaled 19. It was also able to launch Total College Sport, which is for the ePlayers located in the US.

According to the CEO of PERFORM, Oliver Slipper, he is delighted to announce that PERFORM’s performance continues to be strong up to the third quarter of the fiscal year. Their strategy remains robust, and this is illustrated in their launching of ePlayer in Japan and Total College Football in America. Their contracted revenue already promised £78 million, which includes online casino contents distribution, so they are already assured of more solid performance in 2012.

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