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Aussie Discussion Paper

A paper that discusses the reform policies for land and online casinos and gambling was submitted by the opposition coalition according an article in The Age. The commentary noted that the present Australian government is being propelled by the decisions regarding gambling by the MPs who are independent. In the paper, it showed an outline of how to improve the counseling system to help those suffering from problem gambling. It also included a prohibition of companies offering free credits to land and online casino slots’ players. Additionally, it intends to illegalize the gambling probabilities being promoted during broadcasts of several sporting events.

The paper is also asking for any comments from the public, players of online casino pokies or otherwise, regarding the program of self-exclusion that the paper is intending to embrace. Another focus on the discussion area is the idea of targeted counseling, such as land and online casinos and other gambling venues to work with appointed counselors to enable the identification of problem gamblers.

Tasked with conducting the discussions regarding the contents of the papers are the Senior MPs, who are expected to submit their report by 2012. For the opposition coalition, in as much as gambling, in land and online casinos, is one of the problems for Australians, gambling itself is an industry that creates jobs for 150,000 Australians. The real challenge to be faced is how to balance these concerns by protecting the right to gamble as well as protecting and supporting those who are suffering from problem gambling. The paper actually ridiculed the present federal government for being unable to create a proper model gambling’s impact on investment, employment, tourism and revenue.

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