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Greek Lottery Bidding

A tender process was recently launched by the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund. This development fund is responsible for awarding licenses to operate and manage the Hellenic Lotteries for 12 years. The Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund has just recently been established and the company’s functions are geared toward managing Greece’s privatization program for its land-based and online casino gambling industry to pay any deficits in the budget. The license awarded to any successful bidders from the land and online casinos and gambling business and others, will get the exclusive rights to manage and operate Hellenic Lotteries. Hellenic Lotteries actually consists of several entities, such as the Popular Lottery, National Lottery and European Lottery.

The process of tender will only be participated in by those who are already experienced in operating land and online casinos and gaming services; they may join in alone or in partnership with another operator. During the initial stage of bidding, the potential bidder will be asked to submit their expression of interest and all supporting documents that show they are able to fulfill all aspects of their responsibilities. Interested parties, either from land or online casino and gambling industries, must submit their expression of interests before November 29.

If they are accepted in the first stage, they can move on to the second level of bidding where they are asked to submit their offers. For those interested, they can simply check or for more details. According to the CEO of the asset development fund, Costas Mitropoulos, they are glad to open this bidding process in order to privatize their assets and include the international players, such as land and online casino operators, with it. Lottery in Greece has huge prospects and experienced operators are most welcome.

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