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  1. Online Casino Suite - provides lots of very useful information. Online Casino Suite includes everything from basic blackjack strategy to advanced craps methods.
  2. Online Casinos - Online Casino Reviewer provides a  nice selection of casino reviews for both UK and USA based players.
  3. The Best Casino Guide - Online Casino Guide featuring casino reviews, gambling tips and betting videos that will help you better understand the proper way the gamble online.

Blackjack Online

  1. BlackjackOnlineRealMoney.com - Have you every wanted to play blackjack online with a chance to win money? BlackjackOnlineRealMoney.com is just the site to start you on your way.
  2. Blackjack - Online Casino Suite - Play blackjack at online casinos and try your luck at a real money blackjack tournament.
  3. Play Blackjack Online - OnlineBlackjack.org teaches which casinos are safe for playing blackjack online with real money.

Slots Online

  1. Wikipedia Slot Machine - Learn the history of slot machine games from their invention all the way up to today's online slots.
  2. Slots.co - free slots with online casino software and bonus money. Slots.co launched in 2011 and their site has been gaining members quickly. This is mostly due to their top quality, 3d slot games and social gaming experience.

Video Poker

  1. Wikipedia Video Poker - includes the history of video poker, regulation information and the different types of games.


  1. Yahoo! Poker Directory - a lot of links to poker resources.


  1. Wikipedia Roulette Guide - A ton of great information about roulette including variations and much more.
  2. Online Roulette Real Money - learn where to play roulette on the web for the chance to win real money.
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